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You’ve probably tried many other strategies to lose weight, escape that nagging injury or achieve higher athletic goals. We get it. Luckily, your search ends here. Your one-to-one personal training experience is completely customized for you. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are moving correctly, implementing proper nutrition and making healthy living a habit.

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Ready to get back into your routine and stay focused on your fitness? We will design a personalized program to accommodate your goals, space, workout equipment and time. Connect with us through weekly, virtual 1-to-1 coaching sessions and stay on track with our mobile app.

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What To Expect

  • We start with a fitness evaluation. Think everything from health history to performance goals. We want to see how you move, what your limitations are, and start digging in to what might be holding up your progress
  • We use this information to select the ideal coach and design a personalized training and nutrition plan focused on improving your health and achieving your goals

  • It’s go time! During every training session, we look at the details to help you fix movements, activate muscles appropriately, and progress with precision. We can coach you in person or virtually, so your progress doesn’t stop when you’re on the move
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Do What You Love

Our workouts are designed to compliment the activities you do outside the gym. Whether it’s running, golfing, race car driving or CrossFit training – we want you to be in optimal shape to enjoy doing what you love.

“Training with Precision Fitness is like an insurance policy for my life. It’s an investment in my health and my future. ”

M. Aldrich

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