Welcome to Precision Fitness

Hopefully you learned some valuable information during the evaluation. Most likely you learned some, if not all of the following:

  • Movement restrictions
  • How your body can compensate to make movement happen
  • Tight, over dominate muscles
  • Inhibited muscles

Based off of the evaluation, your trainer will build a comprehensive training plan designed to address any areas we identified.

That is why we have this page, our Tools to Succeed page.

The first thing we need to do is work on muscle tissue quality and mobility. We created our Foam Rolling/Mobility/Stretching E-Book for you to download so you can start learning these activities at home on your own.

Consider this homework. Read through the e-book and try the activities and let your trainer know if you have any questions.

To download the Foam Rolling, Mobility, and General Flexibility E-book, please click the link below:

===> Foam Roll/Mobility E-Book

We have also created a guide to help with the confusion about nutrition. To download our Guide to Healthy Eating, click the link below:

====> Guide To Healthy Eating E-Book

The video’s below show many of the exercises/activities you may be shown on your first day. Give them a try at home and bring any questions to your trainer when you meet them.


Check out the following video’s to help you get ready for your upcoming sessions:

If you are an endurance athlete, we have you covered as well. Click the link below to download the Performance Nutrition for Endurance Athletes:

===>Performance Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Click the video below to view our Pre-Run Activation video to get your body prepared for the rigors of running:

We have more video’s to be viewed on our YouTube page.