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Self Myofascial Release, Mobility, and

General Flexibility Instructional Guide

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Also, you can watch video’s on each component of our e-book: self myofascial release (aka foam rolling), mobility, and flexibility.

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Component #1:
Discussion on Foam Rolling and why it is important.


Foam Rolling – Lats Video – (video length 45 seconds)


Foam Rolling – Upper Back (Video Length: 47 seconds)

Foam Rolling – Glutes (Video Length: 51 seconds)

Foam Rolling – Adductors (Video Length: 44 seconds)

Foam Rolling – IT Band (Video Length: 48 Seconds)

Foam Rolling – Hamstrings (Video Length: 24 seconds)

Foam Rolling – quadriceps (Video Length: 25 seconds)

Foam Rolling – Calves (Video Length: 28 seconds)

Component #2:
Discussion on Mobility and why it is important.


Mobility – Ankle Sweeps (Video Length: 20 seconds)

Mobility – Calf/Ankle (Video Length: 30 seconds)

Mobility – Adductors (Video Length: 21 seconds)

Mobility – Cross Over Hip (Video Length: 24 seconds)

Mobility – Hip Flexor Quad (Video Length: 30 seconds)

Mobility – Thoracic (Video Length: 33 seconds)

Component #3:
Discussion on Flexibility and why it is important.


ROM – Supine Hamstring (Video Length: 38 seconds) Option 1

ROM – Standing Hamstring (Video Length: 43 secs.) Option 2

ROM – Supine Glute (Video Length: 39 seconds)

ROM – Quad/Hip Flexor (Video Length: 39 seconds) Option 1

ROM – Side Lying Quad (Video Length: 41 seconds)